The Token News Conference in the Philippines 2018

August 29, 2018



Last August 27, 2018, Token News Philippines was officially launched in Okada Manila, Philippines. Over 800 Investors and cryptocurrency-enthusiasts from around the world attended the conference that included us - Xin Marketing.



The conference was about introducing Token News to the Philippines, a brief background about the Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and product presentation of 7 ICO projects.


Token News is a well-known, Hong Kong-based, professional consulting company in the world that specialized in Blockchain technology, ICO projects, Cryptocurrencies, other related fields and latest news about technology.


In 2014, Token News CEO Yuki Takarabe, 28 years old, studied the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He then became interested and started investing.


Mr. Yuki Takarabe indicatedto Filipinos that cryptocurrency is not a fraud, because people in the Philippines were skeptical and had a bad perception about Cryptocurrency. It all happened due to a lot of scams that occurred previously in Philippines. Mr.Takarabe offered a free seminar about cryptocurrency at his office with an expectation to create more opportunities for the young generation.



Mr. Takarabe also believed that the Philippines will be a big country in the next 5 to 10 years from now because of these factors:

1. The average age of Filipinos is 24 years old.

2. The Philippines is one of best English speaking nations in Asia. 

3. The Philippines population is around 103 million and 300 thousand.

4. GDP growth rate is about 6.9%


Hence, Philippines will face a lot of difficulties in keeping employment rate stable. However, with the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Filipinos may have a solution to solve that problem in the immediate future.


Token News also featured 7 ICO (INITIAL COIN OFFERING) companies to share the knowledge of their current projects. They also expected to have more people to believe and to support their projects in the future.






First ICO Company to present their project was "UNAITY"


The CEO & Founder of “UNAITY”, Ms. Oya Koc offered a new way to communicate with other people across the globe and to eliminate language barrier. UNAITY is creating an earphone that featured with an automatic translator to translate on-site from a particular language to your preferred language.


To know more about the full details of UNAITY click the link below to go their website:



Second ICO Company to present their project was “COINCOME”



The CEO and Co-Founder Mr. Yoshihiro Kanemitsu introduced the world’s first distributed cashback site. Coincome is a cashback site that rewards users by using Cryptocurrency. By doing online shopping via Coincome, using web services, answering surveys on Coincome you can get CIM. CIM is a token that can be used for payments and to top-up debit/ credit card


To know more about the full details of COINCOME click the link below to go their website:




Third ICO to present their project was “MINING DATA LAB”

The CEO Mr. Yuji Homma and Mr. Matsuo Kan the COO of “MINING DATA LAB” discussed next level mining services. MINING DATA LAB offers a service that is innovated way beyond other mining companies MINING DATA LAB is also working hand in hand with TUL. TUL also offers services from maintenance management, selling mining machines, creating a venue for mining farm, and consultation for everything that related to mining, uses state of the art system that can cut off electricity bill and offers an excellent way to profit.


 To know more about the full details of MINING DATA LAB click the link below to go their website:




Fourth ICO to present their project was “AAC (ACUTE ANGLE CLOUD)”


The Finance managing director Thomas Ng introduced a wood finish, aluminum alloy enclosure triangular state-of-the-art personal computer. AAC is a distributed cloud computing service platform that shares resources to every user and works on a delegated proof of stake protocol. You can download the client application through “SN token”. SN token is used as a universal token to turn on application or operations in the ecosystem.


To know more about the full details of AAC click the link below to go their website:


Fifth ICO to present their project was “QUANTA”



The marketing director of QUANTA Mr. Shogo Ishida explained that QUANTA is the first fully licensed blockhain lottery in the world. It runs on Ethereum blockchain technology which means it operates on a high level of autonomy with its data and records secured on a decentralized blockchain. It is actually an upgraded lottery.


To know more about the full details of QUANTA click the link below to go their website:





Sixth ICO to present their project was “INFINITO WALLET”

Product marketing leader Ms. Ellena Ki talked about the world’s first universal wallet called “INFINITO WALLET”. It is called universal wallet because INFINITO could support almost every crytocurrency that already there in the market. Plus, it also supports the majority of tokens in the market. It also enables users to monitor every transaction that has been made. There are multiple features that this wallet has to offer.  


To know more about the full details of INFINITO WALLET click the link below to go their website:




Lastly, The final ICO that presented their project is “ANGELIUM”

The founder Mr. Rio Takeshi Kubo hyped the crowd in the introduction of ANGELIUM presentation using his DJ skills. Mr.Kubo and Mr.Koheil Tokumasu (Technical Director of Angelium)" discussed this extraordinary virtual entertainment platform that runs on a blockchain through proof of streaming and proof of rendering. This ultramodern way of entertainment brings people to a high level of excitement and virtual fantasy experience. Check out how VR could


To know more about the full details of ANGELIUM click the link below to go their website:></a>



It was an extravagant event, Foods and drinks were unlimited and free, People were excited on the raffle draw because AAC happens to give out five state-of-the-art personal computers, Lots of freebies has been given out in all ICO booths, Airdrops of tokens and coins were also distributed.


Token News PH are planning to do an event once every two months from now on because the Philippines has been friendly to cryptocurrency now and would like lots of leading companies that have great idea and technology that would contribute in this country.


With the success of the grand launch of Token News PH and with the enlightenment that was shared from the conference to Filipinos about what the future might bring to the world, Filipinos are now more than happy to participate in this evolution of today's digital world.










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