15 Cryptocurrency terms that people usually hear, but doesn't have any idea what it is.

September 6, 2018



FOMO- Fear of missing out. Feeling that others might be having from a profitable involvement from which one is not present.


FUD- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  The emotion that people wants to imply to others when t



hey want to bring down the price of a coin and make headlines.


FUDster- A person that is spreading the FUD


HODL- A misspelling of "Hold" that means hold on for dear life. It means to hold on to your cryptocurrency for a while


PUMP AND DUMP (PND)- A misleading or unrealistic statement based on a recommendation, that would make a price of a cryptocurrency or stocks rise.




ATH- "ALL TIME HIGH" Acronym used in cryptocurrency that refers to the highest price of a coin the market has reached.


WHALE- a person who owns hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency.


MOONING- A coin price that is having a spike.


SPIKE- A movement of massive upward or downward of a price in a small amount of time.


EW- Elliot Wave.  Technical analysis for financial markets and how they behave.


PUMPING- A person who is promoting another cryptocurrency


NODE- Any computer that hosts the Blockchain technology. What is a blockchain technology?



Usually stored on a BLOCKHAIN, hosted on a lot of distributed server. Not on a private server.


SATOSHI(Sats)- The smallest portion of a bitcoin.


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