Innovative blockchain startups on full show at DISH 2018

November 28, 2018



A wide range of innovative blockchain startups were in full show at the Philippines’ first community-led blockchain startup challenge.


From 24 until 25 November 2018, the Decentralized Innovations Startups’ Hackathon (DISH) was held at Acceler8 in Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.


The event is a 35-hour hackathon that aims to promote blockchain technology to local talents and enable developers to prototype and build relevant and sustainable platforms using blockchain technology.


The event was made possible through the collaboration of Blockchain Asia, Makati Digital Currency, EOS Philippines, Manila Ethereum Meetup, Craft & Crypto, Coding Girls Manila, and their sponsors.


The event consists of blockchain 101 talks, specialized break out rooms per smart contract platform, panel discussions, in-person code mentoring, and the judging round of the top 3 teams.


Different teams consisting of developers and non-developers alike participated in the event.


The projects presented at DISH 2018 were judged based on their business and technical aspects.


The different teams had a chance of winning up to 34,000 PHP along with $50 of RakutenApi credits and up to two months of Acceler8 use.


Accenture and RakutenApi also offered special awards, with Accenture offering Samsung J7s for each member of the team that won their choice award and RakutenApi offering $100 of their credits to teams that had put their platform into best use.



The members from Sora was the first to present their proposed project Galleon. The project intends to solve the problem with the food supply chain. It is a private commerce application that will be partnered with the government and be integrated with other startups and will run on NEM.


The next project presented was Decentralix from Team Mochi. Its main purpose is to create a decentralized asset management platform. This project addresses the problem of rampant scams and hacking in cryptocurrency today. It will be using Ethereum smart contracts for investment opportunities and investment insurance.


This was then followed by the project Mariners from the team Maners, which deals with issues related with shipping industry compliance. It aims to bring down the costs in the processing of shipping documents and make shipping compliance a much more efficient process.


Philantrophia from Team Digima was next, which is a project proposed a social community-based charity system which connects business, donors, and beneficiaries. It is an end-to-end charity platform powered by the blockchain platform. It targets to solve the issue of transparency, trust, traceability, and community response among non-profitable organizations.



Team Hollow Blocks then presented their project Hive, which allows for fractional ownership, transparency, and integrity potential for the trading of the fractional real estate. It is for people who are unable to afford real estates, has little to no appetite for long-term investment, and no expertise in property rental management.



This was followed by Team Ernest's SPOTx. This project is designed to incentivize physical therapy progress through the use of smart contracts.



The next project to be presented was BluLemons. It is applicable to video games, and aims to solve issues with playability, game item value, safe and secure storage through the use of NEM.



Cryptomemes was the next project to be presented. This project from Team Cryptochamps is about giving economic value to memes by allowing users to buy and share memes, with its price based on the meme’s virality.


The next project to be presented was Dynaquest MVP’s Digital Identity. This project was for quick registration of the 14 million unregistered indigenous peoples in the Philippines. The project aims to allow previously unregistered indigenous peoples to have identity documents that will allow them to have access to social services.



It was then followed by the project Psycellium. It is intended to be used by cooperatives to make them more decentralized by making their transactions transparent. The platform also serves as an access to the cooperatives market.


The last project that was presented was Repute from The Kamicabamboonnaise. It is a decentralized repository of high-quality research papers to empower the science community. This project aims to democratize access to science papers. It can also be used for journalism and job applications.


The winning project at DISH 2018 is Cryptochamp's Cryptomemes, with BluLemon at second place and Psycellium at third place.


Psycellium also won Accenture’s choice award, with Team Ernest's SPOTx, Sora Galleon and Hollowblock's Hive winning RakutenApi’s best usage award.



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